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The Ultimate OOH Guide You Need: Outdoor Advertising Malaysia!

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You’ve looked for outdoor advertising insights, information, and inputs. Then what about outdoor advertising Malaysia? Though it is little surprise for you to spot some Out of Home advertising mediums in social spaces of Malaysia, but do you know all about it? Have you been a beholder to all of the dynamical displays on the streets of Malaysia? In such an era to which digital tech is persistent in its presence, the customs in outdoor adverts are still as continuous— why? This article is to unwrap these questions you have! Let’s get into it?

Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia

OOH, an acronym for Out of Home, this advertising refers to advertising that is outside of your home. This is an unmistakable development in Malaysia as well, for you can recognise the varying types despite the perking and or peaceful streets. Plus, with outdoor advertising you are granted the opening to land on consumers who are— you guessed it! Outside of one’s home. In addition to this is that Out of Home advertising is one of— if not the most, traditional measure to broadcast your brand and business. Here’s the types of outdoor advertising Malaysia!

outdoor advertising malaysia

The Typical Yet Top Types

Examples mentioned above are of those you can set your eyes on in Malaysia, all of which are Out of Home advertising customs. Be it intentional or not, soon as you are outside of your home and out and about, at least one of these must have met your eyes. It is the maximal intent of employing these spectacular structures such that it lets itself to stick out like a sore thumb. Outdoor advertising Malaysia is rather recurring as large enterprises like McDonalds, Coway, Cuckoo, Nissan, and many more are renowned as it is recognised by all local Malaysians.

A Trivial Tidbit Of Malaysia!

Out of the myriad of concerns you could have in adapting to Out of Home advertising mediums along with medias in Malaysia, here’s an advantage that consumers shouldn’t ever bump into: AdBlock. In today’s time one can affirm the steadfast speed secured in online advertising yet there is a drawback that is AdBlock. One of the main issues consumers is averse to, but it is not applicable in outdoor advertising.

There’s no blockade to a spectacular structure by the roadside, is there? Out of Home advertising permits no such hindrance, it is instead to attract more attention than meant!

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outdoor advertising malaysia

The Placement Points

Jam–packed periodic is infamous in Malaysian expressways, be it the roads after toll stations or detour routes, none of both are spared the taxing as well as tough traffic hours. On a high road you’re taking home yet you’re stuck on a low, there isn’t a better chance to establish a splash of bold colours and broad visuals than this. Not to mention the populated settings that are in the heart of cities, Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur is one. It is likewise a shopping mall just as it is a placement point perfect for outdoor advertising to blossom. These iconic spots are a hunting ground for numerous Out of Home advertising types, you have onlookers as well as tourists frequent by day and night. Talk about timing!

A Trivial Tidbit Of Malaysia!

Did you know? Malaysia is home as well as heart to some of the tallest digital billboards in the world. Contrasting classes of such ranges from Digital Out of Home kiosks to 3D audio adverts. For instance is the LED digital display, 100 meters of height mounted in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur!

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