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The 6 Major Advertising Media Types You Need To Know!

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To showcase your brand, what as well as which advertising media types is a confident choice?

Indeed, there is a myriad of advertising media types to broadcast one’s branded businesses, the question is if you understand them full and fair enough to pick one out? Learning the ropes to advertising media types strengthens the bases to your business, this allows your audiences to be drawn to you— and this specific advertising media is your lure!

Let’s explore into these top 8 advertising media types, in addition to a stunning Out of Home (OOH) advertising. This’ll be quick, promise!

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Advertising Media Types, Here You Go:

1. Television (TV) Advertising

Remember the punctual in–between bathroom breaks of your series and shows? That’s what this is.

TV advertising entails airing commercials on either television networks or cable channels, and the second–spots per ad commercial can range from half a 30 seconds up to 1 minute. Hence, with the broad audiences, it grants you the advantage of full access in exposure.

2. Radio Advertising

For a profitable besides practical price in all advertising media types, radio advertising is your ideal selection.

Its function is airing audio commercials on radio stations. Be it a live–reading or a pre–recorded audio, you cannot refute the clever choosing in particular demographics so as to land on the intended consumers. Like so, you are offered an inviting relationship between your listeners, therefore captivating the ears of your committed consumers.

3. Print Advertising

Newspapers, with a side of coffee and or tea, anyone?

Print advertising persists in spite of all the digital development in present age, placing adverts onto newspapers, magazines as well as other printed publications, some might attest to this honest habit as one that should not be forgone, ever! The cogent culture in print advertising at striving for a rich information and insights unto a physical layout is none other treasured!

4. Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

Outdoor advertising. So… to advertise outdoors, then!

Now, with the soulful streets of Malaysia, they complement the advertising outdoors, don’t they? By establishing adverts in public spaces through structures such as billboards and buntings, it is a nigh on impossible for passing people to not have noticed your brand. It’s why OOH is the most tempting advertising media type!

By utilising out of home advertising, both your supplied services along with your products are always out for those casual consumers. Being a dominating domain in Malaysia’s urban spaces, out of home advertising entails broad benefits as it is one of the advertising media type to behold the eyes of most Malaysians. Despite standing as one of the original initiatives to broadcast, out of home advertising is most sought after approach regardless.

5. Mobile Advertising

Hold on, mobile advertising refers to mobile devices here. Not transits!

Targeting those on the go, mobile advertising is a brilliant advertising media type in that it taps into your mobile devices, tablets and smartphones for examples. Your advertisements displayed are with intricate intentions rather than random readings, behind the limited screen space births an entertaining diversion to the users.

6. Event Sponsorships

If you have sponsors to support, you have yourself a saviour.

Consociating your brand with specific sponsorships through various campaign events are beneficial. From securing yourself some proud partnerships to sealing an impressionable image, there are more pros than there are cons. Though the attending audience may be sell short as contrast to mass media, the candid collusion and business bonding can last a lifetime.

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